Gustavo Petro, Winner of the Historic Pact: Lights and Shadows

Gustavo Petro, Candidate for the Presidency, confirmed Sunday the advantages that have been apparent in the polls in the last few weeks.

(Position of the Candidates for the Historic Pact On Pensions and Inflation).

Former senator of the Republic and former mayor of Bogota managed to win the victory with the Historic Pact coalition. Officially as of now, he's running for the presidency, which he hopes to win for the third time.

The large vote in the consultation made him the most representative member of the Colombian left. Gustavo Petro He's also a solid potential presidential candidate despite his controversial ideas and views on numerous fronts.

Petro has expressed his intention to change pensions through the creation of a public administrator of pension funds that will operate an "mixed and complementary system" along with private fund.

According Petro, there is no pension system in Colombia. But, there are bank profits. So many have claimed that he will end any chance of being elected as president. Petro has stated that he will not abolish them, but would pursue reforms to pensions so that Colombians have a minimum pension. Petro also said that there was no need to raise the age of retirement.

(Who are on the list of Historic Pact's potential candidates).

Another issue that is controversial concerning him is the fact that he frequently promises that he will end the extraction of oil once he comes into the helm. This has created uncertainty among investors as well as the market. Experts estimate that Petro's proposal to stop exploration for oil would cost Colombia about $4.3 billion.

This plan includes the establishment of an anti-oil front both in the region and all over the world to shift the economy away fro fossil fuels. I would like to invite Gabriel Boric to Chile and LuizInacio Lula de Silva to join me.

Petro stated that he was speaking with Pedro Sanchez (the Prime Minister of Spain) regarding his idea.

His views on health are also controversial. He has called for the ending of EPS and replaced it with the concept of preventive medicine that "guarantees human rights, not the profits margins of bankers."

He has also question the legitimacy of Banco de la Republica.

Petro asserts that the Bank's Board of Directors is part of a political organization known as the Democratic Center. Therefore, Petro says, "What we want" is a true independent Bank of the Republic (...). The candidate said this in the middle of an debate.

(Petro has the highest percentage of votes in the presidential elections According to Invamer).

The idea of releasing money to finance government spending was also controversial.

Petro's recommendations include an economy that is not dependent on fossil fuels, extraction of hydrocarbons and mining. Agriculture plays a larger role.

It is also stated that he is planning to implement an amendment to the tax code that removes exemptions and the transformation of the concept of minimum wages to a real-time wage based on capital and income.

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